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A little history…

Developed by Professor Alfonso Caycedo (neuropsychiatrist) from 1963, Sophrology is constantly evolving. This "science of consciousness" brings together different disciplines such as hypnosis, relaxation, psychology, phenomenology and draws its inspiration from the Eastern philosophy of life.

It was during his travels in the Orient that Alfonso Caceydo realized that the body is the seat of life and experience.
The approach according to which becoming aware of one's body makes it possible to become aware of one's existence became the foundation of Caycedian Sophrology.

What is Sophrology?

"Sophrology" according to the Greek roots SOS-PHREN-LOGOS or "study of consciousness in balance".

This psycho-corporal therapeutic method allows you to develop your mindfulness.

Through gentle exercises of controlled breathing, muscle relaxation and positive visualization   you reconnect to your feelings and reharmonize your body and mind.

By reconnecting to your feelings, Sophrology leads you to a state of consciousness free from prejudices, social and family filters. You then naturally rediscover your buried capacities and deploy your potential.

It is not a question of medicine or psychology, but of a therapeutic accompaniment allowing you to quickly become autonomous and actor of your physical and mental well-being.


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" All the series of  men, during the course of so many centuries, must be considered as one and the same man who always remains, and who learns continually."
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