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The ethical framework

Section 1
Sophrologists undertake to affirm the equality between people and to respect their originality and dignity.

Section 2
Sophrologists undertake to prohibit any propaganda or religious or ideological proselytism within their offices or places of intervention. They undertake to fight against all sectarian aberrations they may witness.

Section 3
Sophrologists undertake to respect and protect the physical and psychological integrity of the people under their responsibility.

Section 4
Sophrologists undertake to respect the confidentiality of the information collected during their individual or group accompaniments.

Section 5
Sophrologists undertake to respect and enforce the legislation in force.

Section 6
Sophrologists undertake to regularly update their knowledge and skills in order to meet the expectations of the public and developments in sophrology.

Section 7
Sophrologists undertake to disseminate offers that are clear and understandable to the public. These offers must define the methods of accompaniment, the objectives targeted and the limits of sophrology.

Section 8
Sophrologists undertake not to disseminate information that could mislead the public or the media or harm the image of the profession.

Section 9
Sophrologists undertake to use their right of rectification with the media in order to contribute seriously to the information communicated to the public on sophrology.

Section 10
Sophrologists undertake to respect the general concepts and principles of sophrology. They also undertake not to distort or combine sophrology with other techniques without their clients being informed.

Section 11
Sophrologists undertake to respect the limits of their skills and to refer their clients to another professional when the latter requires treatment or therapeutic assistance that is not within their competence.

Section 12
Sophrologists undertake not to replace health professionals, not to provide
diagnoses, medical prescriptions and not to interfere with ongoing medical treatments.

Section 13
Sophrologists undertake to maintain their professional ethics when they intervene under the authority of a company or an organization.

Section 14
Sophrologists undertake, as far as possible, to offer a colleague to their clients when they are unable to provide their services.

Section 15
Sophrologists undertake to maintain brotherly relations of respect and courtesy, honesty and good faith with other sophrologists.

Section 16
Any sophrologist who does not respect this code could be excluded from the Chambre Syndicale de Sophrologie.

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